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Considering a Career as an American Airlines Pilot

Washington Post, Mar. 15

American Airlines is profitable and reliable, but CEO Robert Isom is expected to deliver more

Dennis Tajer, a spokesperson for the Allied Pilots Association and an American Airlines pilot, attributed the recent problems to the undue pressure placed on the air traffic system and its workforce. He told the Washington Post that pilots, air traffic controllers and even mechanics are being made to “go, go, go, do more, do more, do more. And what’s happening is that we are seeing more incidents.” Read the article ...

Forbes, March 2

American pilots react to Delta deal: ‘Who walks into negotiations saying I just want to be like the next guy?’

American’s pilots say they expect to do better than Delta’s pilots, who ratified a 34% increase in pay over the life of the contract, plus improvements in benefits and quality of life. “The Delta template has to be adjusted to fit the needs of our pilots and the way our airline runs,” APA spokesman Capt. Dennis Tajer told Forbes. “We know Delta money is coming. But we want American Airlines to also work smarter.” Read the article ...

Forbes, Feb. 26

No pilot, no problem? Here’s how soon self-flying planes will take off

It’s becoming increasingly clear that self-flying planes are coming to commercial aviation, and not in the distant future. Aircraft manufacturers are working toward it. Airlines are eager for it. And the FAA is preparing for it. “They’re talking about taking out that backup human system,” APA spokesman Capt. Dennis Tajer told Forbes. “Having that second pilot can be the difference between people getting hurt or them getting through an incident safely.” Read the article ...

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APA Approves Strike Authorization Vote posted on March 09, 2023

While our Negotiating Committee reports good progress, we remain steadfast and focused that now is the time to reach an agreement with American Airlines. Management must understand that they need to demonstrate the same level of commitment to bargaining that other airline management teams have shown in recent months. APA must also ensure it utilizes all its legal processes for contract resolution and improvement. To that end, APA will immediately establish a strike center, and will conduct a strike authorization vote in April. The strike authorization vote will be concluded on April 30.

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Allied Pilots Association Statement on NTSB posted on February 10, 2023

In most instances, NTSB incident investigations include requests to interview the crew members involved. Historically, these interviews have been conducted in a manner in which notes were taken by the parties or a stenographic record was produced. Those methods have long been sufficient in producing accurate records and enabling the Board to produce thorough reports and findings. Recently, however, Board investigators have begun requiring that some witness interviews be both transcribed and electronically recorded in the name of producing a “more accurate record.”

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Gone West – CA Johnathan Benton posted on January 17, 2023

CA Johnathan Benton, longtime APA Government Affairs Committee Chair and a tireless pilots' advocate, was killed in an aircraft accident on Jan. 16 at the far too young age of 53. He was one of two people on a Piper that crashed shortly after taking off from Wiley Post Airport in Bethany, Oklahoma. The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the accident.

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