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CNBC, Nov. 22

Airlines are Operating on the Brink of Fatigue, says Allied Pilots Association’s Dennis Tajer

“We are still operating on the brink of fatigue. The schedules are loaded up – they haven’t been stress-tested – and our pilots are feeling it out there,” APA spokesman Capt. Dennis Tajer told Squawk Box. “Our passengers have to know we want to get home and on our way, just like they do.” Watch the interview ...

NBC, Nov. 21

What Americans Can Expect While Traveling This Thanksgiving

An NBC Nightly News preview of the Thanksgiving travel weekend mentioned the possibility of single-pilot operations, which Capt. Dennis Tajer said was a non-starter: “It is a soul-to-soul, eye-too-eye contact with that other professional pilot that often makes the difference between really bad headlines or an uneventful flight.” Watch the story ...

Fox Business, Nov. 5

Pilot Unions Reject Proposed Contracts, Seek Better Work-Life Balance

Within just days of each other, American and United pilot unions rejected proposed contracts from their respective carriers, and Delta pilots authorized a strike if necessary to secure a new contract. “The money will come. This is about scheduling and work-life balance,” Capt. Dennis Tajer told Fox Business. “It’s literally about being able to establish your schedule, so you know when you can do what you need to do with your family.” Read more ...

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Pilots Helping Passengers During Holiday Season posted on November 22, 2022

The Allied Pilots Association has launched a campaign to aid passengers impacted by delays and cancellations resulting from American Airlines’ unreliable schedules. Pilots are distributing cards that direct disrupted passengers to resources for resolving common issues resulting from American’s poor performance and scheduling mismanagement.

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Oneworld Cockpit Crew Coalition Supports the Pilots of LATAM Airlines Chile posted on November 07, 2022

The Oneworld Cockpit Crew Coalition voiced its strong support for the Sindicato de Pilotos LATAM-represented pilots of LATAM Airlines Chile in their efforts to improve pay and working conditions from their pandemic-driven lockdown levels. “It is unfortunate that LATAM management continues its bad faith bargaining tactics, particularly given the robust travel demand we’re now experiencing,” said Capt. John Sluys, Oneworld Cockpit Crew Coalition Chair.

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Our Rejection of the Proposed TA posted on November 02, 2022

Today, we voted to reject the proposed Tentative Agreement. We are at a pivotal moment in our industry, and the message sent by the Board today is similar to those sent by our brethren at United and Delta, who this week took votes expressing similar displeasure regarding their contract negotiations.

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