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Considering a Career as an American Airlines Pilot

Reuters, Jan. 6

American Airlines pilots raise concerns over new cockpit protocols

The union representing 15,000 American Airlines pilots has voiced concerns regarding the new cockpit protocols enforced by the airline, without adequate training. Read the article ...

NewsNation, Dec. 27

American Airlines Captain: Where Southwest Went Wrong

NewsNation asked APA spokesman Capt. Dennis Tajer to provide some perspective on the Southwest Airlines meltdown: “It didn’t hit us this holiday season, because we had some solutions, and we’re committed to making these solutions happen for the rest of the year in 2023 and beyond. We just need management teams across the industry to come to the frontline workers – pilots, flight attendants, gate agents – and say, ‘What do you need? Let’s work together and get it done.’” Watch the interview ...

WGN, Dec. 16

Duckworth Sponsoring New Legislation That Would Require FAA to Do More for Passenger Safety

APA spokesman Capt. Dennis Tajer told WGN-TV that it’s important for the FAA to do emergency evacuation simulations on all types of aircrafts. “You’re going to see people from the age of 80 down to 8 months old simulate that [and] give us realistic time parameters that we know this is what it takes to get off an airplane,” he said. Watch the story ...

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Gone West – CA Johnathan Benton posted on January 17, 2023

CA Johnathan Benton, longtime APA Government Affairs Committee Chair and a tireless pilots' advocate, was killed in an aircraft accident on Jan. 16 at the far too young age of 53. He was one of two people on a Piper that crashed shortly after taking off from Wiley Post Airport in Bethany, Oklahoma. The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the accident.

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APA Supports Pilots, NOT Management Intimidation posted on January 03, 2023

We have received word that management representatives have been attempting to intimidate pilots who are complying with their obligations to take the time necessary to review new AOM procedures, including issuing Missed Trip (MT) removals. APA leadership stands by its pilots as they take all necessary steps to ensure that they are fully prepared to operate their flights safely. If you are removed from a trip because you exercised your right and responsibility to review the new AOM changes prior to departure, APA will support you, represent you, and advocate for you to be paid. APA will push back against management intimidation in any form.

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Unwise and Unsafe posted on January 02, 2023

American Airlines Flight Operations management is attempting to circumvent robust safety-related pilot training by unilaterally imposing operational changes via bulletin. While APA does not oppose fleet harmonization, we are steadfast in our commitment that pilots must be properly trained BEFORE operating with passengers. This training must be developed in a stakeholder safety culture that acknowledges and addresses concerns raised by APA.

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