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Acceptable Use Policy

Effective Date:February 12, 2009


All use of the “members only” portion of the Allied Pilots Association (“APA”) Internet Services and its subparts (“Services”) is subject to the following Terms and Conditions of Use adopted by the APA Board of Directors under the authority provided to the Board by the APA Constitution and Bylaws. The General Terms and Conditions set forth below apply to all aspects of the Services. Specific Terms and Conditions applicable to particular subparts of the Services are also set forth below.

In what follows, the term “User” means you as a person with lawful access to the Services.
General Terms and Conditions

Members Only:Access to Services that are password-protected is restricted exclusively to members of APA and those individuals whom APA has expressly granted access to the Services (e.g., APA staff and consultants). Other personnel from American Airlines or any other airline are expressly prohibited from accessing any of the Services or the information contained on the Services for any reason.

Password Protection and Accountability:Each User is responsible for any and all Services activities occurring under their account. Each User is also obligated to take reasonable precautions to secure his/her password against dissemination to others without lawful access to the Services. If a User learns that his/her password has come into possession of one without lawful access to the Services, the User must promptly inform the APA so that the APA can secure the Services against unlawful access.

Impersonation:A User will not impersonate any other person or entity while using the Services and will not assist anyone without lawful access to the Services in accessing or using those Services.

Services Disruption:A User will not disrupt the flow of communications to or from or adversely affect the performance or availability of the Services to other Users. Each User will take reasonable precautions to avoid the transmission of computer viruses to the Services.

Availability and Changes to Terms:These terms and conditions will be continuously available from a link on at least the central pages of the APA Web site and may be amended by the APA Board of Directors. Notice of all changes will be distributed by e-mail to all authorized Users for whom APA has e-mail addresses on file.

Specific Terms and Conditions of Use for Subparts

Challenge & Response/membership Forums

The following specific Terms and Conditions of Use apply to Challenge & Response and other unmoderated member electronic forums (“Forums”).
Members Only:Authorization to participate in the Forums is restricted exclusively to active, retired, and furloughed APA members.
Restrictions on Content:Users will not upload, post, or otherwise publish on the Forums any content that

1. Contains any personally threatening, unlawfully harassing, obscene, sexually explicit, pornographic or other unlawful content;

2. Violates copyright or intellectual property laws. Upon receipt of a proper notice of copyright infringement, in order to avoid institutional liability under the copyright laws, APA is required to remove or block access to any copyrighted material posted by a User. Also to avoid such liability, APA may suspend or terminate a repeat infringer’s access to the Forums in appropriate circumstances consistent with the APA Constitution and Bylaws.

3. Contains any unsolicited advertisements or promotional materials, junk mail, mass or duplicate communications, chain letters, pyramid schemes, or any form of commercial solicitation.

4. Will embed or cause to be embedded any codes or content that results in any externally-hosted content to appear or be delivered with a C&R post.

Disclaimer: APA does not endorse or in any way vouch for the accuracy, completeness, truthfulness, or reliability of any content of any kind posted on the Forums. Posts to the Forums do not necessarily constitute or reflect the views of APA, and the posts are not approved by APA. Members, not the APA, are exclusively responsible for the contents of their posts to the Forums. The statements, views and opinions in posts to the Forums are entirely those of the individual members and not the APA.