Open Letter to the Pilots of Aer Lingus from the Allied Pilots Association:

You Have Our Steadfast Support

On behalf of the 16,000 American Airlines pilots the Allied Pilots Association (APA) represents, I am proud to pledge our steadfast support for the Irish Air Line Pilots’ Association’s efforts to conclude CLA negotiations with Aer Lingus management. APA has a longstanding history of standing shoulder to shoulder with our Irish brother and sister pilots.

Like professional pilots across the globe, you sacrificed to help your airline navigate the challenges of the global pandemic. With the surge in air travel demand, you have watched as the airline’s profits have increased dramatically. Now, in response to the union’s calls to normalize pilot salaries to account for the increased cost of living, Aer Lingus management has instead chosen to employ whipsaw tactics and threaten legal proceedings. Management’s use of traditional strong-arm tactics such as pressuring pilots to fly when they have declared themselves not fit to do so poses a safety threat.

APA has a great deal of experience in dealing with a management team that refuses to recognize the value its pilot group provides. We stand ready to share our knowledge and experience with you and provide whatever assistance we can to support your efforts to successfully conclude your negotiations. It is in the best interests of all professional pilots, and the passengers we carry, to work cooperatively to elevate our profession and enhance the margin of safety whenever possible.

We are here for you.

In Unity,

Captain Ed Sicher
President, Allied Pilots Association