Presidential Grievance: PBS Awards Error

As the Scheduling Committee affirmed in its membership update yesterday, we became aware that not all pilot Vacation Extension (VEX) days were respected upon publication of the PBS awards, with hundreds of trips issued in error.

In related discussions with management this afternoon, the Scheduling Committee conveyed APA’s position that pilots who were affected by this error should have the option to drop the trips and be paid. Management refused, claiming they don’t have to issue PBS awards until the 18th of the month and indicated they would be rerunning and publishing the awards this evening.

The Bidding Timeline in the PBS MOU clearly states that “PBS Bidding Closes” on the “13th day of month prior @ 12:00 HBT” and that "PBS Award Official Publication" is “NLT 16th day of month prior @ 12:00 HBT.” The PBS MOU also states the following: “A pilot’s final bid award shall be available for review in PBS upon award publication.”

In response to management’s incorrect interpretation of the language in the PBS MOU, I am filing an Expedited Presidential Grievance seeking enforcement of the MOU, along with relief in the form of financial compensation for pilots who are monetarily impacted and penalties for not complying with the MOU timelines. We will also seek enhanced penalties to deter any future noncompliance with the timelines.

While management has previously failed to comply with the MOU timelines, this is far and away the most egregious instance, and we will not permit management to reinterpret binding contract language at will simply because it’s easier for them to do so. Instead, we will aggressively insist on full compliance.

CA Ed Sicher
APA President