Safety First. Safety Always.

By now, I trust most of you have had an opportunity to read the membership update the APA Safety Committee issued on Saturday detailing the adverse safety trends APA has been tracking.

In response to my request, we met with senior management earlier this month to discuss the operational hazards we have identified. Thanks to the diligent efforts of the APA Safety Committee and Maintenance and Technical Analysis Committee, we now have management’s full attention. We secured management’s commitment to involve the union earlier in the safety risk assessment (SRA) process, and we are likewise seeking a commitment that APA will have a seat at the table for the entire quality assurance process. APA is squarely focused on finding solutions – which will require collaboration between the union and management – and management’s initial response to our concerns was encouraging.

As APA presses forward with its efforts to protect and enhance the margin of safety at American Airlines, we will keep you apprised of our progress. In turn, thank you for continuing to keep us informed of safety- and maintenance-related issues by documenting them via an ASAP Report or Maintenance and Technical Analysis Debrief – your feedback is vital. The data you provide cannot be ignored or dismissed.

We have a responsibility to ensure a safe operation, and it is a responsibility your union takes seriously. Thank you for you continued vigilance in protecting our passengers and crews.

CA Ed Sicher
APA President