If You’re on TDY, Let Compass be Your Guide

This is the latest in a series of articles highlighting the work done by APA’s national committees. Read the rest on our Armed With the Facts webpage.

During our careers at American Airlines, many of us will change bases and equipment. Some will sit on reserve, and some will hold lines. We may also find ourselves doing TDY, either voluntarily or involuntary. With all the new changes in the contract, there is a lot to learn quickly if you find yourself awarded TDY. Our Compass Project Committee has an entire team of volunteers dedicated to just this topic, and they are here to help you as you plan for a month at a different base.

“With the ratification of our new CBA, there have been numerous changes to policies and interpretations,” said FO Scott Newman, who maintains the Compass Project’s TDY Guide. “It’s our job to have the most current information available to the pilot group before TDY bidding opens each month.” He added that many pilots mistakenly assume the company will handle all the logistics for you. “If you are awarded TDY, you will need to schedule your travel. With the APA Pilot app, it is very simple to enter your deadheads to and from your home base.”

FO Newman said it is important for pilots know what has changed regarding TDY as a result of the 2023 CBA.

“Per diem is now a flat rate for the month,” he said. “No more having to calculate when the clock starts and stops, and it was different whether you were awarded versus assigned. Another change is regarding hotels. You now have the option to opt out of the company hotel in exchange for $2,000. Also you no longer have to make that decision when you bid. The company is giving pilots until the 13th of the month to decide on long layover, short layover, or the no-hotel option.” This gives pilots the flexibility to make TDY work for their personal needs and to make it as seamless as possible.

The majority of our pilots are awarded TDY through proffer requests. However, some find themselves forced into TDY. FO Newman advises those pilots to visit the Compass Project page on AlliedPilots.org. The TDY Guide on that page has the most up-to-date information about TDY as well as frequently asked questions.

The Compass Project Committee wants to make sure that our pilots are prepared for TDY if they find themselves temporarily assigned to a different base. As our pilots navigate the transition between TDY and home base, the Compass Project Committee is ready to assist and answer any questions our pilots have. If you’re still unsure about something after reviewing the TDY Guide, send an email to TDY@alliedpilots.org or call the Compass Hotline at 817-302-2401.