Armed With The Facts

APA Members,

As your Allied Pilots Association National Officers and Board of Directors, we want to make clear we unequivocally support retaining APA as your bargaining agent.

We are aware that the membership has received solicitations regarding an effort to trigger a representation election. In the coming weeks, we will work to ensure information integrity as you consider participating in a process that could result in a change in representation and lead to various unintended consequences. We plan to highlight our union’s strengths and enumerate the many ways it serves our members’ best interests. Once you are fully armed with the facts, we believe you will clearly understand why any move to change representation would be a mistake.

As your elected leadership, we are committed to ensuring that you are armed with complete, accurate information regarding APA and the value it provides to our members. In the end, we believe the advantages of APA representation will be obvious.

Thank you.