Proposed Tentative Agreement Provided to APA Board of Directors


In accordance with APA Policy Manual (PM) 9.06.B., today Sunday, June 25, the Negotiating Committee presented a proposed Tentative Agreement, all related letters, and implementation schedule to the Board of Directors, in full contractual language. In accordance with PM 9.06.B.2, the Board will convene a special meeting no earlier than July 2 to consider the Tentative Agreement. The proposed Tentative Agreement and implementation timeline will be posted to the Contract 2023 website, along with other important information, following an opportunity for the Board to consider the documents.


If this proposed Tentative Agreement is approved by the Board as a Tentative Agreement, the Tentative Agreement will be sent to the membership for consideration and for a ratification vote to become a new collective bargaining agreement. As part of the process, the Negotiating Committee will conduct roadshows at each domicile. Roadshows will begin no sooner than 14 days after all required documents, including the Tentative Agreement and implementation timeline, are provided to the pilot group for review, in accordance with PM 9.06.C. Anticipate new road show dates, along with the electronic voting window, to be announced contingent on Board approval of the proposed Tentative Agreement.


We want to recognize the support of numerous committee members, including Economic and Financial Analysis Committee Chair FO Nick Silva and member FO Scott Slater, Contract Compliance Committee Chair CA Jason Saxer and member CA Chris Bush, Scheduling Committee members CA Drew Coleman and CA Les Edwards, Check Airman Committee member CA Drew Blahnick and Chair CA James Scully, and Retirement and Benefits Committee Chair FO Brian Bell. The National Officers and Board of Directors have committed a great deal of time to this effort, including President CA Ed Sicher, Vice President CA Chris Torres, PHL Domicile Chair FO Paul DiOrio, LGA Domicile Chair CA Larry Cutler, and DFW Domicile Chair CA Jon Sherrell, who participated in the closing negotiations with the Negotiating Committee prior to reaching the May 19 agreements on final economic terms. We also want to recognize the unwavering support of the APA Negotiating Department and APA staff.


Most of all, we thank you for your continued support and patience throughout this process. 


For the Negotiating Committee,



Captain John Owens, Chairman