APA and American Airlines Management Reach Agreement in Principle

The APA Negotiating Committee and its American Airlines management counterparts have reached an agreement in principle (AIP) on a new collective bargaining agreement.

As required by the APA Policy Manual Section 9.06, we will move forward with completing contractual language for all sections and related letters and for the implementation schedule. Once that requirement is fulfilled, the Negotiating Committee will present the AIP to the APA Board of Directors for consideration as a proposed tentative agreement (TA) at least seven days prior to any meeting convened to consider the TA.

Details of the AIP will be released by the Negotiating Committee in the days ahead.

Fellow pilots, thank you for your steadfast support throughout this lengthy process. As always, we will proceed with the best interests of the pilot group foremost in our minds.

In Unity,

CA Ed Sicher, APA President
CA Chris Torres, APA Vice President
FO Patrick Clark, APA Secretary-Treasurer

CA Paul McFarland, BOS Domicile Chair
CA Gemma Meehan, BOS Domicile Vice Chair

CA Doug Hancock, CLT Domicile Chair
FO Erik DeWinne, CLT Domicile Vice Chair

CA Joe Collins, DCA Domicile Chair
CA Tim Doreen Jr., DCA Domicile Vice Chair

CA Jon Sherrell, DFW Domicile Chair
FO Jason Gustin, DFW Domicile Vice Chair

CA Bill Evans, LAX Domicile Chair
CA Tim Dick, LAX Domicile Vice Chair

CA Lawrence Cutler, LGA Domicile Chair
CA Jim Scanlan, LGA Domicile Vice Chair

CA Thomas Copeland, MIA Domicile Chair
CA Anne Witcher, MIA Domicile Vice Chair

CA Wes Smith, ORD Domicile Chair
FO Paul Meyers, ORD Domicile Vice Chair

FO Paul DiOrio, PHL Domicile Chair
CA Kevin Wilkes, PHL Domicile Vice Chair

CA David Duncan, PHX Domicile Chair
FO Brian Ellis, PHX Domicile Vice Chair

CA John Owens, Negotiating Committee Chair
FO Chris Wachter, Negotiating Committee Deputy Chair
FO Adam Rutherford, Negotiating Committee Member
FO Matt Stanley, Negotiating Committee Member
CA BJ West, Negotiating Committee Member
Mr. Mark Myers, Director of Pilot Negotiations and Contract Administration