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Consider Becoming a Compass Project Sponsor

American has hired more than 630 pilots since last fall, and the airline plans to hire at least 45 more each week for the rest of 2022. Nearly half of our pilot group will reach age 65 in the next five years, requiring American to hire at this rate or higher for the foreseeable future.

Due to this increase in hiring, the APA Compass Project is in dire need of sponsors. We have about 100 sponsors mentoring our new-hires, but we need to double that number soon to adequately maintain our efforts. Pilots interested in becoming sponsors can click here to sign up.

Compass sponsors help our new-hires “navigate” life at American by providing one-on-one support and guidance through their first year. Moreover, APA sponsors have an opportunity to instill the values our career demands in our new-hire pilots.

Sponsors normally mentor three to five new-hires at a time by answering questions via phone calls, text messages, and emails. Many of the answers to those questions can be found in the Compass Project Document Library, so the workload for sponsors is relatively light. Most new-hires require little support; they just need a friendly mentor who wants them to succeed.

Please consider mentoring our new-hires as an opportunity to help out those who will carry on our legacy at American Airlines. You can make a difference!

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