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Vaccine Mandate Update

As most of you are aware, today, Jan. 4, is the deadline imposed by the Company for employees to submit proof of vaccination for COVID-19 or apply for an exemption from the vaccine requirement. It is our understanding that a substantial portion of the pilot group has already submitted proof of vaccination. Additionally, all of the exemption requests submitted by pilots that have been decided to date have been granted. We understand also that some exemption requests remain pending. 

Management has advised that all pilots should be receiving a communication tomorrow regarding how to proceed now that the deadline has passed. It is our understanding that those communications will include information regarding what accommodations are being offered to, and required of, pilots who have been granted exemptions, and what requirements are being imposed on those who have not yet been granted exemptions or provided proof of vaccination, as the case may be.

It is important to once again reiterate that no pilot will be fired or disciplined in any way tomorrow based upon their failure to comply with the vaccination or exemption requirement by today’s deadline. While it remains to be seen how the pending litigation matters concerning the federal mandate may impact the Company’s future actions regarding the vaccine mandate, management continues to reiterate that it does not intend to terminate any pilot for noncompliance with the vaccination requirement. APA fully intends to hold the Company to that commitment.

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