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Natural Immunity, Vaccine Effectiveness, Vaccine Side Effects: New “Five By Five”

The latest edition of “Five By Five” features New England Journal of Medicine Editor-in-Chief Dr. Eric Rubin and consulting epidemiologist Dr. Richard Roth discussing a range of issues associated with the COVID-19 vaccine and virus. APA President CA Eric Ferguson and Aeromedical Committee Chair CA Pete Gillespie also participate in the conversation, which covers questions surrounding natural immunity, the effectiveness of the vaccines and their side effects, and what the coming months may bring as the pandemic continues.

“Five By Five” is designed to help ensure that you stay up to date about the issues affecting your career. Each episode features various APA leaders and the subject-matter experts working on the membership’s behalf. It is available for listening via AlliedPilots.org/Podcasts and also through popular streaming services. Because the streaming services review all podcasts before making them available, your first opportunity to listen to each episode of “Five By Five” will be on AlliedPilots.org/Podcasts.

If you have a question or a comment, please send it to Communications Director Gregg Overman via goverman@alliedpilots.org.

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