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Pilot Counseling Services Workshops

Pilot Counseling Services is offering another series of virtual workshops exclusively for American Airlines pilots who have been furloughed or received furlough notice.

Here are the links to register:


Furlough Medical Fund (FMF)

As you are likely aware, the APA Board of Directors and the membership approved this measure that reimburses furloughed pilots for medical/dental/vision premiums, up to Fund Document limits. The FMF is not yet available for enrollment. The Compass Project and the APA Economic & Financial Analysis Committee will advise as soon as you may enroll.

We realize the importance of getting these reimbursements into your hands, and the volunteers from E&FA, along with staff from the APA Benefits and Legal departments, are working diligently to finalize the process. As you can imagine, a fund like this is highly regulated, and there are many legal requirements that make the process of setting this up very cumbersome. We know many of you are frustrated with the delay – we hear you!

Here are some of the details:

  • Please review the Plan Executive Summary, which includes a link to the full Plan Document.
  • This is a reimbursement program, and reimbursed funds will be mailed in the form of a paper check. You still pay for your premiums!
    • Save your medical/dental/vision premium receipts. Enrollment and application for reimbursement will be available soon, retroactive to your furlough date.
    • Also, in accordance with the Plan Document, an income verification statement will also be included when you file for monthly reimbursement.
  • Pilots will be in the “reimbursement window” for 12 consecutive months, starting on their furlough date.
  • The maximum amount of reimbursement a pilot may receive from the FMF is determined by the individual pilot’s FTO eligibility.

We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding. This measure is a good thing for our furloughed pilots, even though the process of establishing the fund has been frustrating.

Please reach out to FMFQuestions@alliedpilots.org with questions.


Furlough Training Option

All FTO pilots: Distance Learning for Q4 is due by Dec. 15. FTO pilots are still required to stay current on DL modules!

  • Pilots will be paid 1:2 for DL – based on LOS.


737 MAX Training

AA had advised APA they are shifting their plan to move most training to just prior to recall, as opposed to keeping pilots close to their 3-month training window. However, they have also decided to have FTO 737 pilots accomplish the 737 MAX Simulator training. If you are a FTO 737 pilot and you have not yet been scheduled for this training, we have been advised you should expect to be scheduled in January and February. Training is occurring in MIA (mostly for MIA pilots) and DFW, both at the schoolhouse and CAE.

  • The 737 MAX Training has been approved by the FAA, and Distance Learning was loaded on to SUMTOTAL on Nov. 27.
    • The Distance Learning portion must be completed prior to Simulator training.
    • Please note the DL portion of the training is paid at 5:15 for the session. The simulator portion of the training is paid per day, per the JCBA/LOA.
    • The simulator briefing slides and profile will also be loaded on to the AAPilots training page.
  • B737-MAX 8 Flight Manuals posted to support RTS:The manuals have been revised to comply with the B737-MAX 8 Return to Service Airworthiness Directive (AD 2020-24-02). The manuals along with supplemental Flight Ops Bulletins are effective on Dec. 22 and are posted in the Comply365 > Revisions B737 > Future B737.
    • OM Volume I – Rev 95
    • QRH (QRC included) – Rev 9
    • FOB – 20-013: Runaway Stabilizer NNC and Use of Manual Trim
    • FOB – 20-014: Unreliable Airspeed Procedures
    • FOB – 20-015: Speed Trim and Autopilot Flight Director Systems with FCC P12.1.2
    • FOB – 20-016: B737-MAX 8 OM Vol 2 Systems Information Updates
  • This is a “training only” event. This means there is no evaluation nor does it reset landing currency.
  • When contacted for training, you will be emailed a schedule. You should print this schedule.
    • Carry this schedule with you throughout training, as it is your “ticket” onto the training center bus and into the training center.
  • Pilots can list for A1/A3 travel to training through the AAPilots training travel mask: https://aapilots.aa.com/private/fos/trainingtravel.asp.
  • Pilots will travel using government-issued ID and be issued a temporary ID at the training center. Allow extra time.
  • FTO pilots may keep AA aware of training conflicts by emailing Teriko.Randolph@aa.com.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this training, please reach out to the APA Training Committee (TRAINING-COMMITTEE@alliedpilots.org) or the Compass Project (CompassProject@alliedpilots.org) or your sponsor.

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