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Compass Project Offers Parental Leave Support

We are pleased to announce that the group of pilots formerly known as the Maternity Mentoring Group is now known as Parental Leave Support as part of the APA Compass Project. This team of mentors, which is growing substantially, provides essential assistance to our pilot mothers and fathers, as well as parents interested in adoption. The primary reason for the shift from the Aeromedical Committee’s Pilot Occupational Health Subcommittee to the Membership Committee’s Compass Project was to get away from looking at maternity as a disability. We offer the tools and resources to ensure a successful leave with both parents supported during the journey of early parenthood.

As our team continues to offer sponsorship to new mothers, we are also looking to include sponsorship to our new fathers in the near future. Currently, we have a handbook that discusses solutions to the challenges new moms face from pregnancy to postpartum (e.g., morning sickness, return to work while nursing, uniforms, etc.). We also have a leave checklist that walks our pilots through all of their leave options based on their specific pregnancy and postpartum needs.

As we work toward a new CBA, our team is actively working with the Negotiating Committee to obtain paid parental leave for both parents. (Currently, new dads are offered only unpaid leave via the federal Family and Medical Leave Act.) Our American pilot family is growing, and we are working hard to establish a firm foundation to encourage strong family beginnings.

It truly does take a village to raise a child. We look forward to being part of your village from pregnancy to postpartum and beyond. As you start your family planning, we encourage you to give our team a call so we can equip you with the necessary tools and support to ensure a smooth flight into parenthood. Please contact FO Barbara Carroll, the Compass Project’s Parental Leave Coordinator, at bcarroll@alliedpilots.org with any questions.

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