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Management’s “Continued Use of Tactics From a Bygone Era”

In this latest version of APA President CA Eric Ferguson’s new video regarding the state of Section 6 negotiations between APA and American Airlines management, he cites management’s “continued use of tactics from a bygone era at the bargaining table.”

“Since management made its August proposal, and particularly during the last few weeks, it has become clear that its offer actually represented — and should have been called — a ‘last, best, and final offer,’ or LBFO,” he said.

Other highlights:

  • “Until management is ready to bargain based on our stated objectives, there will be nothing to ratify. To put it simply, what APA pilots want is what American Airlines needs to repair its operational reliability and revenue under-performance versus Delta and United.”
  • “Make no mistake: APA is here to help management achieve our mutual goals, but we will not be exploited. Just as we did when they wanted this merger and looked to labor for support. Yes, we chose to put them here and made it happen. We gave them the support they needed, and they promised a cultural change and a working environment that befits the largest airline in the world, a model for everyone else. And sadly they have not delivered on that promise and refuse to support us with the same mutual goal of returning our airline to operational and financial greatness.”
  • “So, it’s time to turn up the volume. I promise you: We are going to get as loud and noisy as it takes so that management hears us loud and clear.”
  • “On Jan. 29, APA will be holding a rally that will demonstrate our unity and resolve, and that will launch a series of ever-intensifying events that will make it clear that we won’t settle for less, and that it is in the best interest of American Airlines management to settle an industry-leading contract with its pilots sooner rather than later.”
  • “It’s Time.”

You may read the script in its entirety here.

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