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USERRA B-Plan Settlement Update

Are you a military pilot who received a settlement from the Allman v AA class action lawsuit?

Pilots eligible for a settlement in the Allman v. American Airlines et al., class action lawsuit suffered another setback when checks mailed to the pilots bounced. In January 2014, a case was filed asserting American violated the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (“USERRA”) by failing to properly make required contributions to the Variable Income Plan (“B-Plan”) for pilots who had taken military leaves.

A settlement was reached requiring American to make up the contributions. Under the settlement, pilots who took one or more military leaves from American, each lasting 30 days or more and which ended on or after Jan. 1, 1997, may be eligible for compensation to account for these missed B-Plan contributions. For some, the additional contributions were added to the fund account; for others, checks were mailed directly to the affected pilot. When pilots attempted to deposit the checks, the checks were returned for insufficient funds.

Once again, American Airlines failed to fully support its military members despite management’s promise of culture change and expressed appreciation to veterans and members of the armed forces. APA has learned that American is sending new checks that, hopefully, will not bounce.

If you have received a check that bounced and have incurred fees caused by management’s failure, or for more information, please contact the class administrator at 1-877-236-6116 or by email at info@aapilotsuserraclassaction.com. Additional information can also be found at http://www.aapilotsuserraclassaction.com.

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