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On Tuesday, Nov. 27, a delegation from Boeing came to APA headquarters in Fort Worth to meet with union representatives. The four-person Boeing delegation consisted of senior members of the company’s engineering, flight, government relations, and sales teams. The APA officials on hand included APA President CA Dan Carey, Vice President FO Tim Hamel, Safety Committee Chairman CA Mike Michaelis and committee member FO John Breazeale, Communications Committee Chairman CA Dennis Tajer and committee member FO Todd Wissing, Government Affairs Committee Deputy Chairman CA Harvey Meek and committee member FO Brian Bell, and General Counsel-Litigation Jim Clark. This meeting marked the first-ever visit by Boeing officials to APA headquarters.

CA Carey informed the Boeing representatives that we welcomed the visit and that we would be interested in establishing an open line of communication between our respective organizations, which has been absent to date. CA Michaelis conveyed our pilots’ serious concerns about the issues raised by the Lion Air 737 MAX accident and ongoing investigation. The subsequent discussion covered a wide range of topics related to the design of the 737 MAX, including the software that triggers the maneuvering characteristics augmentation system (MCAS).

Also on Tuesday, Indonesia’s National Transportation Safety Committee (KNKT) issued its preliminary accident report on Lion Air Flight 610, which you may find here.

The 737 MAX remains the subject of intense news media scrutiny, and APA continues to respond to numerous related queries. Here is a sampling of recent news stories featuring APA’s perspective:

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