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American Airlines, Delta, and United have disclosed profit-sharing results for pilots.

Unfortunately, the proportional disparity continues. Not only do we deeply trail our peers at Delta and United in terms of profit-sharing pools, resultant profit-sharing percentages of W-2 earnings, and actual awards, our chief pilots and other managers are partaking in profit-sharing percentages that are exponentially higher than ours and will award them tens of thousands of dollars more than us.

This reality stands in direct conflict with senior management’s 2017 culture themes: “Validate The Trust” and “Leaders Eat Last.” When it comes to total compensation and sharing of our hard-earned profits, it’s clear that managers eat first and we, American’s operational leaders, eat last.

Click here for an updated comparison of our profit-sharing program to those of our Delta and United peers and our managers, as well as a comparison of the amount of stock held by the three airlines’ top executives.

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