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LOS and Duty Rig Improvements

“The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.” — Ernest Hemingway

Fellow Pilots,

By now many of you have likely heard about our meeting with American Airlines President Robert Isom last Friday concerning our presidential grievance over December TTS/TTOT premium flying.

As our team worked through the grievance, we took the opportunity to discuss with Mr. Isom a final resolution to LOS and duty rig improvements. Mr. Isom committed to doing so on an expedited timeline as early as possible, but no later than mid-January 2018.

We fully expect Mr. Isom to validate our trust by fulfilling his commitment.

While we are well aware of the trust deficit that has long existed between our pilots and management, building the world’s greatest airline will have to be done on a foundation of trust.

Likewise, we acknowledge the well-founded skepticism that some of you will feel as you read this message. However, Mr. Hemingway made a valid point, that the best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them. That is what we have chosen to do with Mr. Isom. Fundamentally, we all want the same thing: to make American Airlines the safest, most reliable, and most profitable airline in the world.

We want to thank the hard-working APA volunteers who were instrumental in achieving the progress we have made, and look forward to announcing the final details of the LOS and duty rig improvements. We also look forward to continuing our momentum in the coming months.

See you on the line.

CA Dan Carey, President, APA
FO Tim Hamel, Vice President, APA

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