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This is APA Communications Director Gregg Overman with the APA Information Hotline for Tuesday, May 16.

APA BOARD OF DIRECTORS SPRING MEETING: The APA Board of Directors convened at union headquarters in Fort Worth at 9 a.m. today for its regularly scheduled spring meeting.

In his opening remarks, APA President CA Dan Carey reiterated his assertion that “2017 is our year” and cited the 8 percent pay rate increases totaling $770 million during the next three years as “the largest mid-contract adjustment in industry history.” He credited this achievement to a collective show of resolve by union leadership and the membership at large while emphasizing that there’s more work to be done, including securing full length of service, improving “severely lacking” long-term disability benefits, and fixing scheduling issues. CA Carey concluded his remarks by citing safety as “the most important thing we do as a union” and announced that Vice President-Flight Kimball Stone and Vice President-Safety Kevin Brickner would be delivering a signed ASAP MOU (LOA 17-02). During this morning’s visit by the two executives, Safety Committee Chairman CA Mike Michaelis informed the board that “the new working relationship on safety” between his committee and Mr. Brickner “has been very positive for our pilots.”

APA Secretary-Treasurer CA Pam Torell began her remarks by noting that the minutes for the March 21-23, 2017 special board of directors meeting and the May 1, 2017 voting conference call were awaiting approval. The board subsequently passed motions approving both sets of minutes. CA Torell then reviewed the proposed fiscal year 2018 budget and recapped fiscal year 2017 spending and assets to date. She noted that as of March 31, 2017, the union’s total assets were $46,445,721, compared with $44,379,213 as of July 1, 2016. Projected end of year expenses for fiscal year 2017 show a surplus of $1,513,597. CA Torell reminded the board that Policy Manual 5.01 stipulates that the union’s proposed operating budget “shall be constructed so that expected expenses do not exceed expected revenues.” To bring the proposed fiscal year 2018 into compliance with that policy, the solution is to use a weighted average to “share the pain evenly” among the committees. The proposed fiscal year 2018 remains under board consideration.

APA Communications Committee Chairman CA Dennis Tajer and the Communications Department highlighted recent activity, including the newspaper-style Flightline recently mailed to all members, ongoing video production, the growth in APA’s social media presence, and APA News Digest enhancements. Public relations agency Blue Engine Message & Media then briefed the board on its efforts to date, including work with the Government Affairs Committee and International Alliance Committee concerning Norwegian Air International, and advising APA Communications on a broad range of issues.

In its report, the Compensation Ad Hoc Committee recommended that APA study the feasibility of more administrative staff support for committees to reduce spending on union leave. The board approved a motion directing the study, which is to be completed and presented to the board within 90 days.

During today’s session, the board also approved the following:

  • A motion to direct a change to current accounting practices to require strict/literal adherence to Policy Manual 6.04F and 6.04G1 regarding fill-up provisions
  • R2016-38, Electronic Posting of Candidates’ Resumes During Election Round
  • R2016-39, Remove APA Contingency Committee (ACC) from Policy Manual
  • R2017-03, Blackout Dates for Deferred Vacation
  • R2017-05 Rev. 1, National Officers’ Housing Expenses
  • R2017-06, Contractual Update Provisions and Documentation
  • R2017-11, Denied Jumpseat Use for NAI Employees
  • R2017-18 Rev. 1, Canyon Creek Travel Termination
  • R2017-15 Rev. 2, National Officer Compensation

R2016-11, Disclosure of All Motion and Resolution Disposition to Membership, which the board previously voted to approve, amended the APA Policy Manual Section 1.06 to specify that APA will include in its daily board meeting updates information regarding “main motions and resolutions and resolutions which are defeated, postponed, referred, and laid on the table.” In accordance with this resolution, this hotline message includes a synopsis of today’s session reflecting all main motions and resolutions that the board addressed.

The board adjourned its meeting at around 5:30 p.m. and will reconvene at 9 a.m. Central on Wednesday. This week’s meeting is scheduled to continue through Friday afternoon, and is being live streamed for member viewing. As always, all members in good standing are welcome to attend any open portion of the meeting.

That’s it for now. Thanks for checking this hotline. 
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