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APA President CA Dan Carey Files Expedited Presidential Grievance: “Failing to Provide the Safest Flight Operations”

Today, APA President CA Dan Carey filed “Carey Expedited Presidential Grievance 17-039” on behalf of all pilots. This grievance cites American Airlines’ failure “to provide the safest flight operations possible by reducing fatigue in line operations.”

In his letter to the American Airlines System Board of Adjustment - Pilots, CA Carey states that “because these violations are ongoing, relate directly to safety and pose a risk of massive, imminent, and irreparable harm and/or death of employees, passengers, and on-the-ground personnel,” he requests that the Company take a series of steps without waiting for a ruling from the System Board of Adjustment. Those steps include:

  • “Initiate and pursue on an urgent basis full compliance with FAR § 117.9.”
  • “Cease and desist the practice of allowing or permitting Crew Scheduling (or other corporate departments) to threaten to or give Missed Assignments (or other discipline) to pilots who assert rights or rest obligations under FAR § 117.25(e).”
  • “Implement and fully comply with § 15.J.2.c.(3)(e) and § 15.L.3.d of the Agreement.”

CA Carey characterized the contractual violations cited in his presidential grievance as a continuation of the "pilot pushing" he criticized last summer and as yet another example of the serious mismanagement that led to the APA Board of Directors’ and National Officers’ recent declaration of “no confidence” in American Airlines CEO Doug Parker.

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