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Seniority List Integration – Decision and Award Released

The Seniority List Integration (SLI) arbitration panel issued its final decision and award today, Sept. 6, 2016. The final award includes a 60-page narrative decision with two exhibits authored by the SLI panel. Exhibit 1 is the approximately 300-page integrated seniority list (ISL), and Exhibit 2 is the post award dispute resolution process.

The SLI arbitration panel consisted of arbitrators Dana Eischen, Ira Jaffe, and M. David Vaughn. Nineteen days of SLI arbitration hearings were held in September and October 2015 and in January 2016, resulting in over 5,000 pages of transcripts. Post-hearing briefs were filed by each of the three seniority integration committees on March 28, 2016.

Three seniority integration committees — the East Pilots Seniority Integration Committee (EPSIC), the West Merger Committee (West Committee), and the AA Pilots Seniority Integration Committee (AAPSIC) — participated in the SLI process, each representing the pilots on the respective pre-merger seniority lists (US Airways East list, US Airways West list, and American Airlines list). American Airlines also participated in the SLI process as a party.

As the collective bargaining agent for all pilots flying for the new American Airlines, APA has been committed to a list integration process that results in a fair and equitable outcome consistent with existing law and applicable agreements. APA was not a party in the SLI proceeding and has remained neutral throughout the process.

Now that the ISL has been issued, APA will be closely working with the Company on its implementation. We will provide regular updates as we move forward.

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