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Fellow pilots,

Last month the APA Board of Directors tasked the Strategic Planning Committee with constructing a plan to accomplish the following:

  • Stopping the contractual/legal abuses by the Company;
  • Effecting implementation of contractual provisions agreed to in the joint collective bargaining agreement; and
  • Effecting/facilitating lasting and durable cultural change.

The board's tasking directed the APA President to marshal a broad range of union resources to participate in the planning process, including the Strike Preparedness, Communications, Negotiating, and Contract Compliance Committees, along with the Legal Department and "any other resources as deemed appropriate by the President." This intensive planning process culminated with yesterday's vote by the board approving a motion that "authorizes and directs the President and the Strategic Planning Committee to execute Phase 1 of the Strategic Plan as briefed to the Board during the continuation of the February SBOD, March 3, 2016. The Strategic Planning Committee is authorized to begin to stage follow-on Phases of the Plan."

One of the first steps in Phase I is a letter the APA Board of Directors sent today to American Airlines Chairman and CEO Doug Parker outlining in broad terms our specific concerns. The board proposes systematic, ongoing dialogue between APA and the appropriate members of the management team to address our concerns.

In its letter, the board also emphasizes the need to change the airline's corporate culture. The board reminds Mr. Parker that the promise of real cultural change was one of the key reasons for labor's support of the merger between American Airlines and US Airways. In addition, the board emphasizes to Mr. Parker that time is running short. We need to see tangible results.

The strategic plan we are now executing is predicated on a range of potential options. In other words, the path we ultimately take as a union will be influenced by how management chooses to respond to the issues we have identified.

Your role in this process includes reading all messages from your national and domicile leadership, attending all upcoming domicile meetings, and knowing your contract. In defending our contractual rights, you serve as the front line.

Thank you for doing your part to help bring about the change we all desire and deserve.

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