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APA Approves Strike Authorization Vote

This week, your Board of Directors reaffirmed a recent message from President CA Ed Sicher and Vice President CA Chris Torres: Our Patience is Finite; Our Resolve is Not. The Board of Directors unanimously voted to employ the full resources of the Allied Pilots Association to open a strike center and conduct a membership strike authorization vote.

While our Negotiating Committee reports good progress, we remain steadfast and focused that now is the time to reach an agreement with American Airlines. Management must understand that they need to demonstrate the same level of commitment to bargaining that other airline management teams have shown in recent months. APA must also ensure it utilizes all its legal processes for contract resolution and improvement.

To that end, APA will immediately establish a strike center, and will conduct a strike authorization vote in April. The strike authorization vote will be concluded on April 30.

We are cautiously optimistic of management’s commitments and presence at the table. APA remains committed to reach an agreement with American Airlines management in the near term, but every APA pilot understands actions speak louder than words and we must prepare for any eventuality.              

These next few weeks are critical. We know that all members of the Allied Pilots Association will be closely watching how negotiations progress. We are unified. We know you are too. Stay informed. Stay engaged.

In Unity,

CA Ed Sicher, APA President
CA Chris Torres, APA Vice President
FO Patrick Clark, APA Secretary-Treasurer

CA Gemma Meehan, BOS Domicile Chair
CA Curt Detzer, BOS Domicile Vice Chair

CA Doug Hancock, CLT Domicile Chair
FO Erik DeWinne, CLT Domicile Vice Chair

CA Joe Collins, DCA Domicile Chair
CA Tim Doreen Jr., DCA Domicile Vice Chair

CA Jon Sherrell, DFW Domicile Chair
FO Jason Gustin, DFW Domicile Vice Chair

CA John Karam, LAX Domicile Chair
CA Bill Evans, LAX Domicile Vice Chair

CA Lawrence Cutler, LGA Domicile Chair
CA Jim Scanlan, LGA Domicile Vice Chair

CA Thomas Copeland, MIA Domicile Chair
CA Anne Witcher, MIA Domicile Vice Chair

CA Dave Powell, ORD Domicile Chair
FO Tim Daudelin, ORD Domicile Vice Chair

FO Paul DiOrio, PHL Domicile Chair
CA Kevin Wilkes, PHL Domicile Vice Chair

CA David Duncan, PHX Domicile Chair
FO Brian Ellis, PHX Domicile Vice Chair

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