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A New Standard Moving Forward

This week, the APA Board of Directors and Negotiating Committee met with the support of our national committees’ subject-matter experts to continue development and refinement of the membership’s negotiating priorities. We also conducted a preliminary review of the information available on the Delta Air Lines Agreement in Principle to help inform our decisions on our path forward. We worked with a comprehensive focus on the elements of our contract that are in critical need of repair and improvement – from pay and compensation, to benefits and work rules. The work done this week will become the basis for our proposals as our negotiations continue. We will further refine and build on the proposals that have been formed to date in order to achieve an agreement that our membership can be proud of.

Since we began this process of negotiating a contract amendment almost four years ago, American Airlines management has consistently shown an unwillingness to lead the industry, and ultimately an unwillingness to invest in one of their most important assets – our pilot group.

Only after United Airlines announced a proposed agreement with their pilots did American management respond with their first comprehensive counterproposal. Ever the laggard, American management clumsily lumbered toward what can only be described as a “discount offer” in today’s pilot labor marketplace. In the time since that offer was justly refused, Delta Air Lines management has demonstrated a visionary understanding of the current state of the marketplace for professional pilots. Working with the Delta ALPA MEC, they have ushered in a new standard for pay, benefits, and work rules befitting of the pilots of the world’s safest and largest airlines.

We now call on American Airlines management to recognize and meet this new standard moving forward. Management must acknowledge that only with a premier agreement will American’s 15,000 frontline leaders have the provisions and flexibility necessary to return American to operational greatness. And let us be very clear: Your APA Board of Directors, Negotiating Committee, and National Officers are in complete synchronization – we are unified, committed, and laser-focused to achieve that singular goal. We are convinced that with the right agreement, American Airlines can be the choice for customers and the world’s best professional pilots.

CA Ed Sicher, APA President
CA Chris Torres, APA Vice President
FO Patrick Clark, APA Secretary-Treasurer
CA John Owens, Negotiating Committee Chair

CA Peter Gamble, BOS Domicile Chair
CA Curt Detzer, BOS Domicile Vice Chair

CA Doug Hancock, CLT Domicile Chair
FO Erik DeWinne, CLT Domicile Vice Chair

CA Joe Collins, DCA Domicile Chair
CA Tim Doreen Jr., DCA Domicile Vice Chair

CA Jon Sherrell, DFW Domicile Chair
FO Jason Gustin, DFW Domicile Vice Chair

CA John Karam, LAX Domicile Chair
CA Bill Evans, LAX Domicile Vice Chair

CA Lawrence Cutler, LGA Domicile Chair
CA Jim Scanlan, LGA Domicile Vice Chair

CA Thomas Copeland, MIA Domicile Chair
CA Anne Witcher, MIA Domicile Vice Chair

CA Dave Powell, ORD Domicile Chair
FO Tim Daudelin, ORD Domicile Vice Chair

FO Paul DiOrio, PHL Domicile Chair
CA Kevin Wilkes, PHL Domicile Vice Chair

CA David Duncan, PHX Domicile Chair
FO Brian Ellis, PHX Domicile Vice Chair

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