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APA Board of Directors Ratifies LOA 2022-01, “July 2 Trip Trade Event”

APA Pilots,

The APA Board of Directors reconvened at noon Central today in its efforts to address the ongoing issues created by Saturday’s trip-trade fiasco.

After further discussion and deliberation, the Board waived policy to approve a motion ratifying Letter of Agreement (LOA) 2022-01, “July 2 Trip Trade Event.” This LOA provides permanent gains for our entire pilot group, which the Negotiating Committee will detail in a forthcoming update. These gains include a permanent holiday pay premium for specific holiday periods of 100% (double pay), permanent deletion of Section 15.I.8. beginning July 2 (premium offset for sick hours used in the same month), and designated critical coverage days of 100% premium (double pay at company option, instead of the current 50% premium). This LOA also provides for a 200% premium (three times normal pay) to those pilots who fly an affected sequence in July. Affected sequences are those removed and then non-contractually added to pilots’ schedules in July.

This LOA provides us with industry-leading holiday pay, and I am optimistic it will provide a springboard for us to wrap up our Section 6 negotiations and secure the new collective bargaining agreement that we have been waiting far too long to achieve. At 7 p.m. Central, we will host a national Zoom call for all APA members who are interested in hearing additional details of the LOA. The APA Negotiating Committee and Department will be on hand to provide a briefing and address members’ questions.

At this juncture, we need to remain focused on doing our jobs. APA steadfastly maintains that management had no right to add trips to pilots’ schedules. That noted, with a deal now in place, pilots who had trips placed on their schedules as a result of the snafu should fly those trips. Pilots who still desire to drop or trade these trips may do so using normal trip-trading tools. The pilot who actually flies the sequence will receive the 200% premium. The APA Scheduling Committee will be posting a full list of the sequence numbers that carry the 300% value.

We did not create the present situation and have worked hard to resolve the problems that management created. While we of course cannot and should not fix management’s problems, we will continue to offer solutions to mitigate the negative impact on our members’ lives and improve the working relationship between APA and management.

We need to refocus on our primary goal of securing a new, industry-leading collective bargaining agreement. An important step toward achieving that is to restore normalcy to our schedule.

Thank you for your support.

In Unity,

CA Ed Sicher
President, Allied Pilots Association

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