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APA Board of Directors Voting Conference Call: Trip Trade System

The APA Board of Directors convened a voting conference call beginning at 3:30 p.m. Central via Zoom, with the APA Negotiating Committee and Department briefing the Board on negotiations between APA and management concerning the trip trade system. The Board adopted Tasking Order 2022-14 before recessing to the call of the chair shortly before 10 p.m. Today’s call took place almost entirely in closed session.

As has been well documented in previous updates during the past few days, management’s latest trip trade snafu allowed more than 2,600 July sequences to turn “green” on early Saturday morning. As a result, thousands of pilot requests to drop trips were granted, leaving thousands of flights without a full crew complement. While this situation has created significant additional uncertainty for the already tenuous July schedule, the APA National Officers and the Negotiating Committee and Department have been engaged with management since Saturday in an effort to craft an agreement that protects our pilots’ interests while also providing the scheduling certainty that the airline so desperately needs.

Crew Scheduling has been contacting pilots who have had one or more sequences improperly placed on their schedules. It’s important to note that pilots are under no obligation to fly any sequence that was added to their schedules by management.

We are also aware that Crew Scheduling is promising 200% premium to pilots if they fly trips that had been placed onto their schedules. Pilots should be aware that management cannot pay 200% premium for any flying absent an agreement with APA. Any effort to do so without an agreement runs afoul of the law and APA will oppose it.

We will continue to provide updates as events warrant.

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