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Important Update: Disregard Unauthorized Messages

APA has received reports that pilots are receiving messages from other pilots, or from anonymous sources, discouraging them from engaging in their normal work activity — whether that is picking up open trips, doing special assignment work (other than seat filler work), or otherwise going about their normal routine when it comes to flying trips.

We cannot state this more clearly: Any such message is not authorized by APA and should be immediately disregarded. Not only may pilots subject themselves to potential discipline for sending or heeding such messages, but such behavior will also seriously harm what APA is working to achieve at the bargaining table. Communications sanctioned by APA are only sent through APA’s official channels, such as through emails like this one.

We understand and join in the frustrations that pilots are experiencing every day out on the line. As we know, management has sold a summer schedule that it knows it cannot fly and will look to push pilots to their limits in an effort to meet its scheduling needs. As has been repeatedly communicated, the best way to deal with those frustrations is to know your contract and not allow yourselves to be pushed by crew schedulers into doing something that violates the agreement or creates an unsafe operation. If you feel you are being pushed by a crew scheduler to violate the contract, insist on speaking with a Chief and contact APA Contract Administration/Contract Compliance to alert them to the situation and receive guidance. The survival guide APA published last summer also provides a summary of guidance on how to handle any operational issues you may encounter this summer.

Now is not the time to be attempting to create a situation that potentially puts both APA and the airline in jeopardy. When the inevitable schedule collapse occurs this summer, whether caused by ATC, weather, or any of the other variables that the operation has been historically unable to anticipate and withstand, it will not be because of APA but rather because of management’s continued quest for profitability at all costs and its refusal to work with APA to make the meaningful and lasting fixes necessary to the operation.

We appreciate your continued professionalism and dedication to the safe performance of your duties.

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