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Emergency Relief and Scholarship Fund

APA Emergency Relief & Scholarship Fund:
Pilots helping pilots

The APA Emergency Relief Fund has long served as a source of funds for pilots who suffer a catastrophic loss and need immediate financial assistance. The APA Scholarship Fund has provided grants to the children of APA members who are deceased or disabled and to other students not directly related to APA members, as long as the applicant is pursuing a career in commercial aviation. The APA Furloughed Loan Fund provided loans to furloughed pilots who experienced financial hardship.

These funds are now combined into the new APA Emergency Relief & Scholarship Fund.

We're proud to sponsor this new fund, which will provide our members with the opportunity to make tax-deductible* contributions, via regular payroll deduction or a one-time contribution, to help fellow pilot families in need.

We have had pilot families suffer financial hardship due to natural disasters and disability. In other cases, sadly, we have had pilots who have left us far too soon as a result of an accident or illness. We never know when it might be our family's turn to experience adversity.

The new ER&S Fund will serve as a valuable financial backstop, and we hope every APA member participates. Pilots helping pilots is what we're all about.

*Consult a tax professional for tax advice.

According to the APA Policy Manual section 5.12:

APA shall sponsor the APA Emergency Relief and Scholarship Fund in accordance with Bylaws approved by the APA Board of Directors. The purpose of the Emergency Relief and Scholarship Fund (“ER&S Fund”) is to provide educational scholarships, and to provide charitable assistance. APA members in good standing, individuals who retired from the Company as APA members in good standing, and APA staff – as well as the immediate families of any such members, individuals, and staff – are eligible for charitable financial assistance from the Fund, based on criteria to be adopted by the Board of Governors. The ER&S Fund shall operate as an independently incorporated nonprofit organization and provide a written report annually to the APA Board of Directors at the Spring Regular Board Meeting. (06/07/2016)

Board of Governors

Permanent Seats:
Secretary Treasurer -
FO Pat Clark

Membership Chairman -
FO Clint Early

Wingman Deputy Chairman -
CA Bud Hughes

Termed Seats:
CA James Marberry -
Term expires February 15, 2026

CA Tim Knutson -
Term expires June 7, 2023

FO Wyatt Morrise -
Term expires February 15, 2026