APA Public Email Address

Company Benefits Questions / Concerns

AA outsourced their Employee Services department to Mercer Human Resources Services (MHRS) in July 2008 and advised that all issues must go through MHRS for Level 1 resolution first.  Issues that are escalated to APA are sent to the Company (APA does not have direct access to the vendors) for addition to the escalation log (Level 2).

Please follow these steps:

  1. (Level 1) - Please call MHRS/Employee Services at 800.447.2000.  Listen to the prompts, press 2 for questions about health benefits (medical/dental/vision), press 3 for all health benefits questions. If they give you a case number, please document that number.
  2. (Level 2) - If MHRS is unable to resolve your issue and you need it to be escalated, please contact APA Benefit Complaints (contact information below).  You also need the following:
    1. Complete an AA HIPAA Privacy Authorization form (please fax or email a copy to APA Benefit Complaints and put the original in the mail to the Company at the address on the Form)
    2. Provide the case number from MHRS.

APA has set up the email address APA Public Email Address to make it easier for you to get assistance from APA with a claim problem.  You may also send the required documentation to the confidential APA fax number 817.302.2146.

Allied Pilots Association
Benefits Complaints
14600 Trinity Blvd., Suite 500
Fort Worth, TX  75155
Email Address: APA Public Email Address
Benefit Complaints Fax: 817.302.2146
Benefit Complaints Phone: 817.302.2145