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This is APA Communications Director Gregg Overman with the APA Information Hotline for Thursday, Dec. 20.

APA HQ PHONE SYSTEM MALFUNCTIONING: The phone system at APA headquarters is currently not operational, preventing members from reaching APA Contract Administration and other departments. We appreciate your patience as we work to restore service.

APA BOARD OF DIRECTORS CONCLUDES SPECIAL MEETING: The APA Board of Directors resumed this week’s special meeting at 9 a.m. Central at union headquarters and dedicated most of its time today to Section 6 preparations in closed session.

While in open session, the board received a briefing by Government Affairs Committee member and longtime APA volunteer CA Tim Knutson regarding documentary filmmaker George Ciampa. A 93-year-old U.S. Army veteran, Mr. Ciampa is preparing to produce America’s Finest Ambassadors, the fifth and final film in his “Let Freedom Ring” series about the U.S. armed forces in World War II. CA Knutson asked the board to consider making a contribution to Mr. Ciampa’s nonprofit production company. The board subsequently approved a motion to donate $25,000 to help fund the documentary’s production. (APA’s previously approved fiscal 2019 budget includes funds set aside for charitable giving at the board’s discretion.) The motion also stipulates there will be a link on AlliedPilots.org to facilitate further donations from members.

Also today, the board voted to approve the following:

  • A motion to cancel the January special board of directors meeting mandated by R2017-33 Rev 1, “Special Board of Directors (SBOD) Meeting Scheduling,” and schedule a board caucus for Jan. 15-17.
  • A motion to hold negotiating training Jan. 28-30, at an offsite location in the DFW area, for the national officers, board of directors, Negotiating Committee, and select committee chairmen.
  • A motion to meet the requirement of R2017-07 Rev 1, “National Officer Debates,” by appointing three board members to the working group to determine the protocol for national officer debates. The board members are BOS Chairman CA Pete Gamble, CLT Chairman CA Don Iorio, and DFW Vice Chairman CA Josey Wales.
  • A motion to approve Tasking Order 2018-11.

The board adjourned its meeting at 2 p.m.

In accordance with R2016-11, this hotline message includes a synopsis of today’s session reflecting all main motions and resolutions that the board addressed. In accordance with R2017-37 Rev 1, videos of the open portions of today’s session will soon be posted to AlliedPilots.org/BODMeetingRecordings.

That’s it for now. Thank you for checking this hotline.

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