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Fellow APA Pilots,

Due to the federal audits of AA Maintenance, as well as the recent news about the 737 MAX, APA has implemented a new effort to assist pilots in the areas of maintenance issues and ferry flights.

The Maintenance and Technical Analysis Ad Hoc Committee (MTA) was formed to ensure that APA pilots have the best-possible information about the aircraft to which they are assigned for a ferry flight or a functional check flight (FCF). The goal is not only to protect line pilots from erring and placing their certificates in jeopardy — this flying is crucial to the quality assurance of the airline, and our pilots play a crucial role in ensuring these aircraft are repaired properly and indeed ready for passenger service.

The MTA will also provide long-needed resources for APA pilots encountering maintenance-related areas where we have little training or knowledge of company procedures, let alone federal regulations. In the coming weeks, the committee will provide educational material on situations where our training as line pilots may leave us unfamiliar with terminology and processes.

On a trial basis, the MTA has been contacting Captains assigned to maintenance-related or ferry flights to provide a procedural “heads up” or to pass along information from previous crews regarding the aircraft. Captains can expect to keep hearing from the MTA in this way. With your help, we can enhance the informational continuity of these situations, providing crews with as much information as possible on the situations they encounter.

Please keep an eye out for messages from the MTA and, most importantly, please fill out Maintenance and Technical Analysis Debrief forms on maintenance issues, FCFs, or ferry flights. You can get to this form by clicking the new “MTA” link on the members’ home page of AlliedPilots.org.

We will mold and craft this effort to best serve all APA pilots; YOUR input is needed to accomplish that goal. Contact the MTA at 817-302-2302 or APAMTA@alliedpilots.org.

This is a new but vital service that most agree is long overdue. Working together, we can greatly enhance both our knowledge of maintenance-related flight issues and our capability to meet regulatory and company compliance.

Fly safe,

CA Dan Carey
APA President

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