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This is APA Communications Director Gregg Overman with the APA Information Hotline for Tuesday, Nov. 13.

APA BOARD OF DIRECTORS CONCLUDES FALL MEETING: The APA Board of Directors reconvened at 9 a.m. Central at union headquarters for the continuation of its regularly scheduled fall meeting.

Today’s session began with a briefing by FO Dave Sparks, who has served as Chairman of the Disabled Pilot Advocacy Ad Hoc Committee since its inception earlier this year. With the board’s approval yesterday of R2018-67 Rev 1, “Disabled Pilots Awareness Sub-Committee (DPASC) Establishment,” that ad hoc committee’s efforts will now be under the umbrella of the Aeromedical Committee. FO Sparks detailed for the board how he and his colleagues have worked “to connect the dots for each LTD member,” facilitating their transition “into and out of disability or retirement, whichever occurs first.” One of DPASC’s upcoming priorities will be to map all disabled pilot families to help connect them with other pilot families nearby. FO Sparks noted that disabled pilots make up, on average, approximately 7-8 percent of our total pilot population. He encourages all pilots who previously volunteered for the ad hoc committee to contact him if you’re likewise interested in working with DPASC.

In his presentation, Flight Time/Duty Time Committee Chairman FO David Currier reported that the airline experienced reduced fatigue removals and advisories during the first four months of the year, but the trend changed dramatically when the summer flying schedule was implemented, with summer fatigue removals mirroring previous highs set in 2016. He noted that air carriers are under FAA pressure to reduce extensions, leading to more reassignments in lieu of extension requests. This contributes to the pervasive use of the Recovery Tool by Crew Tracking, especially during IROPS.

Aeromedical Committee Chairman CA Pete Lewis detailed aeromedical staffing changes at APA, including the addition of another staff nurse, Aeromedical Advisor Tara Wilson. In other recent activity, the Aeromedical Committee has been working with the new AA medical director to establish protocols for medical issues pertaining to our pilots, assisting the Negotiating Committee on Section 10 and Section 20 in preparation for Section 6 negotiations, and coordinating with Professional Standards, Legal, and Aeromedical on harassment issues in the cockpit. In a related initiative, Professional Standards Committee Chairman CA Doug Wood and committee member FO Fran Cloe briefed the board on the newly established Workplace Culture Working Group (WCWG), which is designed to help all pilots who require an immediate response to perceived cockpit issues. The WCWG works with the Legal Resource Team and the Professional Standards Committee to address all types of discrimination and harassment.

CA Wood also briefed the Principled Engagement Protocol, which APA designed and implemented for the board, committee members, and staff. This program provides comprehensive diversity and conflict resolution training. Management has expressed interest in using this program in lieu of discipline in certain instances.

Compensation Committee Chairman CA Pete Gamble briefed the board on that committee’s analysis of national officer compensation, daily expense allowance, and stipend, reporting that all are comparable to what is practiced by APA’s counterparts at Delta, Southwest, and United.

CA Dave Rod, the Aeromedical Committee’s Deputy Chairman overseeing the Pilot Occupational Health Subcommittee, gave an update on the union’s cabin air quality effort, reporting that “progress has been slow but measurable.” After concerted effort by APA and APFA, management has committed to removing from service any aircraft with a reported air quality event.

Portions of today’s meeting took place in closed session. While in open session, the board voted to approve the following:

  • A motion to waive policy and elect CA Dave Powell, FO Mark Percy, and FO Casey Granger to the Board Steering Committee.
  • A motion to reaffirm the Flight Time/Duty Time Committee as currently constituted and reappoint FO David Currier as Chairman.
  • A motion to increase the budget of the Professional Standards Committee by $81,098 to fund the Principled Engagement Protocol as briefed.
  • A motion that the board makes no changes to national officer compensation for the 12 months ending Oct. 31, 2019.
  • A motion to waive policy and elect CA Pete Gamble, FO Joe Collins, CA Earl Attlee, and CA Jeff Thurstin to the Compensation Committee.
  • A motion to approve the National Committee Recommendation list with those “deficient on their paperwork being given a 10-day grace period” to complete it.

The board adjourned the fall meeting at approximately 5:15 p.m. and will convene a special meeting at 9 a.m. tomorrow dedicated to Section 6 preparations. You will find the agenda for that meeting here.

In accordance with R2016-11, this hotline message includes a synopsis of today’s session reflecting all main motions and resolutions that the board addressed. In accordance with R2017-37 Rev 1, videos of the open portions of today’s session will soon be posted to AlliedPilots.org/BODMeetingRecordings.

That’s it for now. Thank you for checking this hotline.

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